​Marriage is a life commitment and life deal, thorough planning and commitment comes before a happy marriage.

Many relationship lead to a fail marriage since the foundation is not defined. Marriage will not make you happier not until you stop seeing it as an end means but means to an end. Marriage has no power in itself beyond the two people involved. 

Learn to let go. This act alone stimulate a successful relationship and marriage.

Marriage will not change you. Change begins inwardly. Marriage is not a change agent. Marriage will not improve your attitudes, it will expose them. Marriage does not eliminate your weaknesses, it will amplify them. Start working on your attitudes and weaknesses before marriage. The early the better.

Sensitization and proactive, a vital tool. Marriage will not take pressures away, it will probably bring more.

You have one more life to manage. If you cannot manage yours and you venture into marriage, it will be a disaster. When the children start coming, there will be more pressures. Marriage is sweet and lovely but too overrated than what it stands for. One of the results that married couples achieve with greater intimacy is greater sensitivity to one another’s needs. Being sensitive and tuned into your partner help.

Comparison kills. Resentment, bitterness, unhappiness, insecurity result in comparison.

Marriage is so fragile that breaks at the point where couples compare themselves with others. Work yours out and understand how it works.

Sweet words an ingredients of a happy marriage. Say one today. “I love u” “Am sorry” “Thank you” etc. 
Remember happy marriage leads to a happy life. Apply the rules.

Author: Jolayemi Emmanuel

Jolayemi Emmanuel is a motivator and life inspirer person. A true leadership oriented person and simplicity in nature. He believes that life is full of challenges, overcoming them makes life meaningful to all.

18 thoughts on “TIPS ON MARRIAGE”

  1. Great post, loved it. Yesss, marriage is something so sacred and pure that not only two individuals, two souls become one. Marriage is living for the other partner in relation. If successful, happy marriage is greatest blessing of God.

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