Val, a bridge or a wall.

You ​don’t marry someone you can live with – you marry the person who you cannot live without. Bridge and wall are both by-product of a cement, so also hatred and love are both by-product of val. Fast loosing the true foundation of val causes unending injuries. Val is a  foundation of everlasting joy among nations, neigbourhood, lovers, etc. But verily i say, val stands as a bridge or barriers depending on how effective and efficient we use it. It is not a day of vowing promises upon promises but a day of showing effectively its importance.

Is val a bridge?, yes it is. As it is called, val is a day of remembering and defining true affections, unending love towards our associates. Val bridges and mould the pillar of true picture of the world from ages. How it suppose to look like. A day of reconciling and valuing humans of our nature. Jesus shows the true meaning by carrying the cross. A day standing as bridge, a road that links associates, neighbourhood and lovers together to know the true meaning of the world. Make your day, home, life and environment fill of joy, love and affections. If its not working, !ake it works.

Is it a wall?, yes of course. Val can be a day where a step taking becomes an eternal regret. A day where the wall it produces among the so called lovers can simply be compared to the wall of Jericho that place embargo between Israelites and Canaan land.  Val is not defined around promises that can’t be fulfilled. But a day of kindness, love, affection and not a day with a sweet coated mouth of unfulfilled promises. With this, val is painted different colours which make it looses its taste even before arrival. To many, val is a significant of unwanted day they never determined to see once again. 

Why should the greatest day of refreshment become a reckoning day?. No it shouldn’t 

Take away the real story of val, the true love and see how the earth becomes tomb. Dont forget once the val looses taste every other days among friends, associates and lovers becomes a tomb.


Author: Jolayemi Emmanuel

Jolayemi Emmanuel is a motivator and life inspirer person. A true leadership oriented person and simplicity in nature. He believes that life is full of challenges, overcoming them makes life meaningful to all.

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