​Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid.” 

― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Yes I concur to this great writer. People are devastating because of not being honest to themselves and specific on their goals. 

A reference point:

Hannah’s name meant “grace” or “favor.” The thing about Hannah that we know was the cause of great suffering was that she was barren. In the culture of that time, that was devastating. You see, God promised to bless his people when they were in the land, and one of his forms of blessing was children. *So, if a person did not have children—if a woman did not have children–and obviously Hannah was the one at fault, because her husband had children, that meant several things.*First off, it meant that it was a reproach. It was the kind of thing where all your neighbors said, “Well, there’s really something wrong with her, because if she weren’t a sinner then she would have children.” It meant that her personal worth, which was so dependant on her function, was diminished, because she did not function in the only way a woman should function: that was to give sons to her husband. Hmm! What a great trouble of the soul!!

But there comes a day Hannah understood a great thing that differentiate here andther. “T” the only difference and it signifies time. She understood it is time to be honest with herself in finding solution. She knew in her demands that there’s still something she honestly need to say while praying.

You see, Hannah had to come to a decision: was this status quo going to go on forever? Was she forever just going to see Peninnah having one baby after another and she having none; and was she going to be satisfied with that? Or was she going to make an all-out commitment to the Lord and go for broke? She’d come to the end of her resources, and so she comes before the Lord.  I think Hannah wasnt realised before that it was her fault not getting birth and not be honest and specific in her prayer. Because of her name meaning is grace but why the grace not sufficient for her. 

 See what she undergo when she realised. 

Sam.1:11 the words relate her emotional state with honesty. She no longer deceive herself. “O LORD of hosts, if you will only look upon your servant’s misery and remember me…..

Some of us, when we are the point of confusion we mumur instead of beimg honest and being sincered. We don’t think that something needed a change in our lives and need a thorough discussion by you, your spirit and your soul. I think it is time to check time, discover, be specific, be honest and leave them unsaid. Remember when you discover, you are liable to cover a wide range.

Be what you needed to be.


Author: Jolayemi Emmanuel

Jolayemi Emmanuel is a motivator and life inspirer person. A true leadership oriented person and simplicity in nature. He believes that life is full of challenges, overcoming them makes life meaningful to all.

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